Funky Punky Swing with

New Orleans

and Irish Street grooves

Paddy Sherlock - Jazz mais pas casse-burnes"
       ("Jazz - but but not the sort that breaks your balls")

Rock & Folk Magazine - France.



French (English below):
"Jazz, Swing, Insolence"
    A Nous Paris magazine

Paddy Sherlock, le fantasque tromboniste vocal a investi la belle scène pour une soirée complètement débridée... Il n’y aura que des compositions inédites, dont quelques-unes n'ont encore jamais été jouées en public, et qui feront partie intégrante du nouvel album comme «Babe our Love Is Here to stay», «Going Down Dancing», «You're too Good» ou encore «Girl From Union Hall». Le club est complet et le public, tout au long des trois sets, reste subjugué par la présence sur scène (et parfois dans la salle) de Paddy qui se joue des difficultés techniques pour trouver tour à tour des inflexions jazz, rock’n’roll et rhythm’n’blues au hasard de ses pérégrinations musicales. Le plaisir de ses fans, toujours nombreux ce soir, est contagieux et le temps passe à une vitesse prodigieuse pour nous amener au terme d'un concert endiablé et mémorable. 

PM Jazz Hot Magazine

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Fantastic trombonist and singer Paddy Sherlock took over the beautiful stage for a completely crazy evening. Made up entirely of his brand new original songs - some of which had never been played in public before but are part of his new album «Babe our Love Is Here to stay», «Going Down Dancing», «You're too Good» and «Girl From Union Hall».

The club is full and the audience, for the whole of the three sets, is completely mesmerized by the presence onstage and sometimes in the audience of Paddy who puts himself through his paces mixing Jazz, Rock n Roll and Rhythm n Blues depending on his musical mood. The enthusiasm of his numerous fans is contagious and time flies by at an incredible pace to finally bring us to the end of a devilishly memorable evening.



Paddy Sherlock, The Man With The Trombone. 
Paddy Sherlock est irlandais, jazzman, chanteur et showman d'exception. Cumuler ces quatre qualités est assez rare! Il joue souvent, et toujours avec d'excellents accompagnateurs, à Paris. Si les nuits de Saint Germain des Prés sont encore chaudes, c'est en grande partie grâce à lui -qui souffle encore et encore sur les braises dans les clubs où il est invité à le faire. Et ils ne sont pas si nombreux à entretenir le mythe avec autant de charme et de conviction. Les grands soirs, on le voit aussi avec FFF et le Black Minoude Yarol Poupaud, ce qui prouve bien qu'il est indispensable. Pour partager sa passion avec le public d'ici, il lui arrive même de composer d'excellents titres en français! Swing for ever.

Laurent Bachet - Studio Raspail.


Paddy Sherlock, The Man With The Trombone. 
Paddy Sherlock is Irish, Jazzman, singer and exceptional showman. Combining these four qualities is quite rare and as always with excellent accompaniment in Paris.
If the Saint Germain nights are still Hot, it’s in a rage part thanks to him who blows again and again on the embers of the clubs he is invited to play.
And not many can maintain this mythe with such charm and conviction. In his biggest concerts we see him also with FFF and the Black Minou, Yarol Poupaud which proves him to be irreplaceable.
And to share his passion with the Parisian public he even writes excellent songs in French!
Swing for ever!

Laurent Bachet - Studio Raspail.


"...Plein d’humour et débordant d’énergie... a mis le feu... étonne d’abord par son important public estudiantin, jeune, un spectacle qui ravit. Enfumée et swinguante... Les quelques mètres au pied de la scène sont investis par les danseurs, un retour aux sources du jazz.Un spectacle plein de vie, et donc de surprises."   JAZZHOT MAGAZINE


Full of humor and exploding with energy… Set the house on fire… Surprising firstly because of his young audience, students… A show that delights. Smoking and swinging… The first few meters in front of the stage are filled with dancers. A return to the source of Jazz. A show that is full of life and therefore full of surprises.



Showman débordant d’énergie, zébulon charmeur, crooner facétieux, tromboniste solide. Des chansons originales interprétées avec un vrai talent de comédien (ce qu’il est également), Bref, une belle fête avec des danseurs, des gens qui tapent dans les mains et un Paddy Sherlock toujours très attentif au public féminin (qui le lui rend bien).  On en reprendra une petite dernière avec plaisir. "  JP - Jazzhot Magazine


Showman bursting with energy, a charming Zebedee. facetious crooner, Solid trombonist. Original songs interpreted with a real actors talent (He is also an actor). All that to say a fabulous party of a night with dancers, people clapping their hands and a Paddy Sherlock always attentive to his female audience members (who are attentive back to him).
We’d have another one for the road with pleasure. - JP Jazzhot Magazine.

English : 

"I was happy to be present at a gig that nestles comfortably in my greatest ever gigs basket.
Paddy Sherlock did a straight through 2 hours gig and it was a model of a well thought out repertoire that took us on journey from St. James Infirmary to Raglan Road.
Paddy has lived in Paris for the past thirty years, fronting a six man band of rabelasian Irish and French characters, so he knows his trade...
Paddy plays trombone that acts as punctuation and percussion - The best entertainer I have seen for a long while…"

(Shay Healy - RTE Superstar)


"Paddy Sherlock sings of life, love, long nights and revolution and manages to sound like he's lived every minute of it."  

Dubliner Magazine

"Best recent show you’ve seen and what you enjoyed about it:"- "Paddy Sherlock, in Shanley’s bar in Clonakilty recently. Paddy is a trombone player and a great singer, from Dublin, and has been living and playing in Paris for the last 30 years. He had the whole audience in the palm of his hand and the atmosphere was electric."(Mary Black - Irish Singer)

"You fellows really swing... It's very slick and sophisticated... Absolutely fantastic!

Paddy Sherlock - terrific!"   

And Yes we do do weddings !!!

I just love Paddy’s songs and musicians and music and energy… so when he told me he can also do weddings….!!! I just dream about asking him for mine. Their concert was just as perfect as we expected: fun, loving, true, positive! People still talk about this!

(Emily Callens)



Paddy Sherlock - Last night at The Coolin, Paris. With Yarol Poupaud.
Paddy Sherlock  - Second Line - Chappelle des Lombards, Paris.
Paddy Sherlock with Ellen Birath at The Coolin, Paris.


                                    UPCOMING SHOWS!!!

Saturday 11 Jan. 





Prolific songwriter, his show is 100% original songs.

Dynamic frontman, actor, singer, songwriter and trombone hero,

Paddy was born and bred in Dublin, Ireland but at a young age headed off in search of adventure to Paris, becomming part of paris and paris becomming part of him...

Burlesque and bravura served up with a big helping of the funkiest New Orleans second-line grooves you've ever heard all through the lens of Irish music.

From Bunk to Monk through Skunk, Junk, Punk and Funk. Anything goes!

A tireless performer - Hundreds of gigs every year - Studio sessions, theater performances, voiceover and film work.

He has played, recorded and toured with the likes of Linda Hopkins, Wendell Brunius, FFF, Phoenix, Chilly Gonzales, The Hot 8 Brass Band from New Orleans, Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou, Bernard Lavilliers, Black Minou and Liz McComb.


He has played mainstage at the biggest festivals worldwide - Glastonbury, Paleofestival, Transmusicale de Rennes, Francofolies, Montreal Jazz fest, Lincon center NY,  Kennedy center Washington DC, Barbican London, Pinkpop, Pukkelpop, Sonar Barcelona and Roskilde just to name a few.

He played, wrote and recorded the Charlie Hebdo magazine X-mas album and he organised the music, played and sang at the paper's editor Stéphane Charbonniers' (Charb) funeral in 2015.

One of his songs (Ooh là là Paddy"), sung with Brisa Roché, was recently used in the soundtrack of a major Hollywood movie ("Behaving Badly "directed by Tim Garrick with Selena Gomez).

He played the longest running Gig ever in modern Paris history, 20 packed out years at The Coolin, St Germain before the venue was bought up by Apple to open a store. 

He recently played Estragon in a French language production of Waiting for Godot at the Procenium theater, Paris.

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Irish Times Interview - Waiting for Godot

Wedding Testimonials:

"Paddy and his band absolutely lit up our wedding reception in the wilds of Co. Donegal in March 2018. A super confident, creative, accomplished AND soulful performance - they immediately energized the whole room and magnetized the crowd to the dance floor. Paddy and his band excel at what they do."

(Ruari. )



"We had the good fortune to see Paddy and his band in France, where they gave a wonderful performance, and so when we got engaged ourselves, I was certain that they were the band we would ideally have at our big day. Thankfully, he was able to make it work and they travelled to Donegal to play. They were very professional, made everything very easy for us, and most importantly, got everyone up on the dance floor immediately and managed to maintain that momentum all the way through the evening. Anyone I've met since that has spoken of the wedding still mentions how much they enjoyed the music, and that says it all for me, since a major portion of our guests are musicians themselves. I couldn't recommend Paddy Sherlock and his band enough. They were exactly what we hoped for, no fuss, plenty fun." S. Cullen 

Paddy Sherlock
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